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St. Maximilian

ÜberEngel (AboutAngels) – Munich’s parish churches on the lookout for angels

at the churches
Heilig Geist (91 Tour Innenstadt, bus stop Marienplatz)
St. Maximilian (for instance from Sendlinger Tor with U1, U2 to Fraunhoferstraße)
St. Ludwig (93 Tour Schwabing, bus stop Universität)

null(B) St. Maximilian
e.g. from Marienplatz with StadtBus 132
e.g. from Sendlinger Tor Tram 18 and U1, U2 to Fraunhoferstraße

A family of angels has appeared
Sacred church spaces encompass the topics of values and how we live together. Using light and motion reflections are made on our small, daily gestures, with the family shown as a universal space for humanity and individuality. Peace and relaxation are contrasted with noise.
David Russo (choreography and dance), Michael Gene Aichner (light art) and mayer+empl (media art)
7 and 9 – 11.30 pm: interactive light installation
8 pm: dance performance “Una Famiglia degli Angeli” (A Family of Angels)
End 11.30 pm
Image © Michael Gene Aichner, mayer+empl

An event of the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising, Culture Management

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