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St. Ludwig

ÜberEngel (AboutAngels) – Munich’s parish churches on the lookout for angels

at the churches
Heilig Geist (91 Tour Innenstadt, bus stop Marienplatz)
St. Maximilian (for instance from Sendlinger Tor with U1, U2 to Fraunhoferstraße)
St. Ludwig (93 Tour Schwabing, bus stop Universität)

null(C) St. Ludwig “Angels”
Shimmering points of light pervade the space, faces hover amidst a starry night sky. On the walls, texts appear like frescoes. Stories of angels, deeply personal and individualistic. Portrays of visitors can be seen intermingled with those of famous personages who visited here in the past, from Sophie Scholl to King Ludwig.
Michael Pendry (multimedia art), Pedro Dias (choreography and dance), Digital Haze (music)
7 – 11.30 pm: light installation “Angels”
9, 10, 11 pm: dance performance “After Silence” (each lasting 15 min.)
End 11.30 pm
Photo © Michael Pendry

An event of the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising, Culture Management

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