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Hotel Bayerischer Hof – Night Club

The Hotel Bayerischer Hof extends a warm welcome to the Open End Party at its Night Club!
22.00 - 3.00: JAZOUM
The name sounds like a mixture of jazz, Jamiroquai und Zoooooum! … and just like a breath of fresh air these five Munich musicians and jazz/funk diva No. 1 San Dee zooooom across the stage.  Funky dance grooves, soul, jazz and lounge sounds have set the tone for a band that has made some of the hottest hits by Jay Kay, The Brand New Heavies, Incognito and Stevie Wonder their own. But Jazoum is much more than just a cover band! These six pure-bred musicians create songs of their own that ride the same groove as those made famous by their role models.
between the 40-minute sets and after 3 am: DJ Rochest
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