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Heilig Geist Kirche

ÜberEngel (AboutAngels) – Munich’s parish churches on the lookout for angels

at the churches
Heilig Geist (91 Tour Innenstadt, bus stop Marienplatz)
St. Maximilian (for instance from Sendlinger Tor with U1, U2 to Fraunhoferstraße)
St. Ludwig (93 Tour Schwabing, bus stop Universität)

(A) Heilig Geist Church "Unter Flügeln" (Under Wing)
nullPhilipp Geist will be showing a poetic, artistic light-art video installation in the interior of the church. In it, he will be projecting transparent and abstract angels’ wings made of sheets of gauze onto walls, columns, the ceiling and on billows of theater fog. Angels will appear from nowhere and then vanish again. The installation will include words and terms for angels in many different languages that can be submitted by the audience.
7 – 11.30 pm continuous: spatial video installation “Unter Flügeln”
End 11.30 pm
Image © Philipp Geist

An event of the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising, Culture Management

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