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Welcome to the 20th Long Night of Munich Museums

This is the twentieth time Munich’s museums, collections, galleries and churches are inviting the public to their great, communal Long Night show. The recipe for the success and continuing appeal of the Long Night has not changed: More than 90 different exhibition venues will be welcoming visitors for seven hours overnight and augmenting their regular exhibits with a selection of exquisite extras. Between the various “courses,” visitors will be able to take a breather while MVG Shuttle Buses whisk them around between the venues, and some houses will treat them to a variety of culinary delights.
This (indulgent) tour will lead through different artistic styles and epochs, across continents and (his)stories to research and technology, offering something for everyone: from rustling robes and baroque luxury at the Bayerisches Nationalmuseum to the ascetic forms and minimalism of Kandinsky’s geometric abstractions at the Lenbachhaus. From the art of the Māori at the Museum Fünf Kontinente to desirable places in Spain, Italy and Greece on exhibit at the Schack Collection, even a ride across the surface of the moon at the VRlab in the Deutsches Museum. One thing is certain: no Long Night is like another. Each guest can put together his or her very personal, individualized “Museum Menu.” The following pages are meant to serve your guide, or go online to muenchner.de/museumsnacht where you will also find filters to simplify your search.
We would like to thank all the helpers and patrons who have again shown their wealth of ideas, originality and loyalty to make this, the 20th Long Night of Munich Museums, another great success.

I wish you all an exciting and inspiring evening
Maren Köhler, Münchner Kultur GmbH

The motif for this year‘s poster comes from the Alte Pinakothek, Munich
Special zur 20. Langen Nacht


Rund Around 90 museums and exhibition venues will be opening their doors to the public for seven hours during the 20th Long Night of Munich Museums 2018. Their collective presentation displays the impressive variety and quality of Munich’s many collections. In addition, they have a diverse program of special tours, music and theater on offer, along with afternoon fun for families with children at 20 venues.
I am especially delighted that the Alte Pinakothek is now all shiny and new after its recent renovation, and that the museums in the Staatlichen Naturwissenschaftlichen Sammlungen Bayerns (State Natural Sciences’ Exhibits Bavaria) are beckoning visitors with contemporary productions and interactive offerings. At the Museum Mensch und Natur (Humans and Nature), visitors will be able to search for “rare earths” or gain exciting insights into the language of color at the special exhibition “Knallbunt und unsichtbar” (Gaudy and invisible). At the “Fühlbar” (Touch Bar) in the Museum Reich der Kristalle (Kingdom of Crystals), we can all experience crystals and minerals with senses other than just our eyes for once.
Shuttle buses will again be taking interested night owls from museum to museum. And between the Botanischer Garten, the Werksmuseum der MTU Aero Engines, the BMW Group Classic and the FC Bayern Erlebniswelt, vintage cars will be shuttling visitors for the first time this year in original style.
I’m sure that the vast variety on offer will provide something perfect for visitors of all ages and interests. I wish every guest of the 20th Long Night of Munich Museums a wonderful experience and fascinating impressions.

Prof. Dr. med. Marion Kiechle
Bayerische Staatsministerin für Wissenschaft und Kunst


    The Long Night of Munich Museums is taking place in Bavaria’s capital this autumn for the twentieth time. More than 90 museums, collections, galleries and churches will be inviting visitors to discover their magnificent treasures. Whether art or cultural history, natural sciences and technology or local history and geography, the embarrassment of riches will make for a difficult choice: The Lenbachhaus in the Art District will be luring you with world-renown exhibits from the “Blue Rider,” and in Prinzregentenstraße the Museum Villa Stuck will be celebrating its 50th anniversary. The “typisch Münchnerische” (Typically Munich) exhibit at the Valentin-Karlstadt-Musäum gives a few humorous insights into the lives and works of Munich comedians Karl Valentin and Liesl Karlstadt, and more than 400 exhibits on a stroll through the Münchner Stadtmuseum (Munich City Museum) will illustrate the history and mystery of 860 years of Munich’s past. You’ll be able to trace the aesthetics and lifestyles of the period around 1900 at the Müller’schen Volksbad (Public Baths) or, for something different, the current position of young contemporary artists can be seen in a 12-hour-long performance and multimedia exhibit at the city’s own art spaces Artothek and Kunstarkaden. The Long Night of Munich Museums has a lot on offer once again! To make sure guests can easily swarm out to all the venues and hop from museum to museum, the six special routes of the MVG Shuttle Buses will make sure you get where you’re going fast. As always, the Long Night Ticket will again be valid for the entire MVV transit network.

I would like to thank the team of event organizers at Münchner Kultur GmbH, the partners from the exhibition venues and all the patrons and sponsors for their great commitment. Have a great time at our thrilling and varied Long Night of Munich Museums!

Dieter Reiter
Oberbürgermeister der Landeshauptstadt München