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Circle Line: the "Linie Zentral"

One route – 26 Museums
Departing from Odeonsplatz
7 pm to 2 am, every 10 minutes

One bus will take you to 26 of Munich's most important museums. The loop links the Kunstareal arts district and its Pinakotheks, the Museum of Egyptian Art, the Lenbachhaus (world's largest collection of the avant-garde artist group “Blauer Reiter”), the antiquities museums surrounding the Königsplatz, the Bavarian National Museum, the Museum Villa Stuck, the Deutsches Museum and many other great venues with world-class exhibits and collections. To reach the Munich City Museum or the Jewish Museum, take the underground, line U3 or U6, from Odeonsplatz to the Marienplatz station and walk from there.


Coin collection - Staatliche Münzsammlung    
Residenzstraße 1, Eingang im Tor zum Brunnenhof, 80333 München
Discover history and art in gold and silver. Coins, medals, bank notes and other less usual older forms of currency are all on show. Precious stones, cameos and antique lacquered furniture from Japan, used to store money, can also be observed.
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Bronze Halls in the Munich Residence
Entrance Hofgarten , 80333 München
In the newly opened Bronze Halls, visitors can admire over forty large bronze statues from the period around 1600. The sculptures show that the court in Munich was a center for international bronze art at the time.
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German Theater Museum - Deutsches Theatermuseum
Galeriestraße 4 a, 80539 München
With its many and varied artifacts from the Renaissance onwards, the German Theater Museum is one of the most distinguished collections of its kind. Changing temporary exhibitions present a fascinating palette of themes from the history of theater.
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Munich Documentation Centre for the History of National Socialism - NS-Dokumentationszentrum München
Brienner Straße 34, 80333 München
On May 2015 the Munich Documentation Centre for the History of National Socialism opened as a place of education and remembrance documenting and addressing the crimes of the Nazi dictatorship and their origins, manifestations and consequences.
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Casts of classical sculptures - Museum für Abgüsse Klassischer Bildwerke
Katharina-von-Bora-Straße 10, 80333 München
The museum shows plaster casts of ancient masterpieces from twelve different centuries: Alongside Discus-thrower, Nike of Samothrace, Laocoon and Apollo Belvedere, a colored model of the Parthenon of Athens is also on display.
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State Collections of Antiquities Munich - Staatliche Antikensammlungen
Königsplatz 1, 80333 München
The Collections of Antiquities bring the cultures of ancient Greece, of the Etruscans and the Romans alive. The exhibition includes masterpieces of ancient art, bronzes and terracotta work, Greek vases, gold jewellery and glass.
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Glyptothek Munich
Königsplatz 3, 80333 München
The columned facade of Munich's oldest museum, opened in 1830, is reminiscent of a Greek temple. Inside, visitors can explore a treasure trove of well-known, original ancient sculptures, including the "Medusa Rondanini" or the "Barberini Faun".
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Museum Lenbachhaus - Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus und Kunstbau
Luisenstraße 33, 80333 München
The Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus exhibits significant works by the “Blauer Reiter” (the Blue Rider circle of artists) as well as from the 19th Century and from contemporary artists in the former studio and residence of the Painter Duke Franz von Lenbach and in the adjacent Kunstbau (Art Building).
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Geological Museum - Geologisches Museum
Luisenstraße 37 und Richard-Wagner-Straße 10, 80333 München
The museum's exhibitions are devoted to the genesis and dynamics of our planet. They vividly describe the formation of mountains, volcanos and sediments. Plate tectonics, mineral resources, as well as ‘Bavaria’s rocky history’ are also illustrated.
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Palaeontological Museum - Paläontologisches Museum
Richard-Wagner-Straße 10 und Luisenstraße 37, 80333 München
The museum takes visitors back to the fauna and flora of the geologic past. The exhibitions span 3.5 billion years of evolution and show spectacular fossils such as the largest dinosaur discovered in Bavaria, the Archaeopteryx, a saber-toothed cat, and the prehistoric elephant from Mühldorf.
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Egyptian Museum - Staatliches Museum Ägyptischer Kunst
Gabelsbergerstraße 35, 80333 München
The Egyptian Museum focuses on the art of ancient Egypt. The collection, featuring exhibits of global importance, offers an overview across all eras. A spectacular new building in Munich’s Kunstareal houses the collection since summer 2013.
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Mineralogical State Collection - Museum Reich der Kristalle
Theresienstraße 41, entrance Marianne-v.-Werefkin-Weg, 80333 München
Welcome to the colorful world of minerals, precious stones and crystals. Alongside rare crystals and gems, the museum also presents stones and meteorites from space, including exhibits from Mars and from the moon. Additional, themed presentations in winter, art exhibitions in summer.
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Neue Pinakothek (Art of the 19th century)
Barer Straße 29, 80799 München
‘Discover the Nineteenth anew’ with art from Classicism, Romanticism and the ‘Gründerzeit’ of the mid to late 19th century. The fathers of modern art are also represented with paintings from Goya to van Gogh, sculpture from Canova to Rodin as well as special, themed exhibitions.
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Alte Pinakothek (Collection of Old Masters)
Barer Straße 27, 80333 München
The Alte Pinakothek is home to one of the world’s most important collections of European paintings, covering the 14th to 18th centuries. The collection includes works by Dürer, Raffael, Leonardo, Tizian, El Greco, Rubens, Rembrandt, Boucher and their contemporaries.
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Pinakothek der Moderne
Barer Straße 40, 80333 München
Museum of architecture, art, design and graphic art
Four museums under one roof: The Collection of Modern Art, Die Neue Sammlung - The International Design Museum Munich, the Museum for Achitecture of the Technical University of Munich and the State Collection of Graphic Art.
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Brandhorst Collection - Museum Brandhorst
Theresienstraße 35 a, 80333 München
The Brandhorst Collection encompasses over 1,000 works by leading artists of the 20th and 21st centuries, such as Cy Twombly, Andy Warhol, Sigmar Polke, Damien Hirst and Mike Kelley. The museum also shows current video installations.
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Five Continents Museum - Museum Fünf Kontinente
Maximilianstraße 42, 80538 München
The oldest ethnological museum in Germany, founded in 1862, offers an insight into the variety of non-European cultures, their often unique art forms and their place in the cultural heritage of mankind.
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Deutsches Museum

Deutsches Museum
Museumsinsel 1, 80538 München
Masterpieces of Science and Technology
The Deutsche Museum is one of the world’s largest museums dedicated to technology and natural science. Alongside original, historical exhibits, the museum also offers the opportunity for hands-on experimentation, making the laws of nature, instruments and technical processes easier to understand.
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Friedensengel / Villa Stuck

Museum Villa Stuck
Prinzregentenstraße 60, 81675 München
This villa, with its historical rooms, was conceived as a complete and holistic piece of art by Franz von Stuck (1863–1928). Today the villa is a municipal museum, with changing exhibitions of works from the 19th and 20th centuries, as well as contemporary art.
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Sammlung Schack
Prinzregentenstraße 9, 80538 München
The historical collection of Count von Schack encompasses German painting of the 19th century, influenced by travel, literature, mythology and philosophy. Includes works by Arnold Böcklin, Franz von Lenbach and Anselm Feuerbach.
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Surveying in Bavaria – Historical Collection of the Bavarian Agency for Surveying and Geographic Information
Alexandrastraße 4, 80538 München
This historical exhibition, as well as the world’s largest archive of lithographic stones, gives a fascinating insight into the history of surveying in Bavaria and its importance in the administration of modern states.
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Bavarian Nationalmuseum - Bayerisches Nationalmuseum
Prinzregentenstraße 3, 80538 München
Works of European art and cultural history from the early Middle Ages to Art Nouveau period, including sculptures, paintings and the decorative arts. The collection of nativity scenes from the Alps, Naples an Sicily is world famous.
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from Odeonsplatz take U3 or U6 to Marienplatz

Jewish Museum - Jüdisches Museum München
St.-Jakobs-Platz 16, 80331 München
The municipal Jewish Museum, together with the synagogue and the Jewish Culture and Community Center, form an architectural ensemble in the heart of the city. The museum offers an insight into Jewish culture in Munich from the past and the present.
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Münchner Stadtmuseum
St.-Jakobs-Platz 1, 80331 München
‘Typically Munich!’ is the exhibition on the history of Munich. Photography, contemporary history, musical instruments, puppet theater and fairground attractions all have their place in this varied museum, including the Filmmuseum.
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Infopoint Museums & Palaces in Bavaria - Infopoint Museen & Schlösser in Bayern
Alter Hof 1, 80331 München
At the Infopoint Museums & Palaces in Bavaria questions regarding more than 1,360 Bavarian museums are answered. The Infopoint is situated at Alter Hof, just two minutes of walking distance from both Munich's Marienplatz and the Residence. Brochures, digital informations and customized advice are offered for free. A library and a shop present a selection of museum products.
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Museum of Hunting and Fishing - Deutsches Jagd- und Fischereimuseum
Neuhauser Straße 2, 80331 München
A well-known eye-catcher in Munich’s pedestrian center – a bronze sculpture of a wild boar and a catfish – points the way to the Museum of Hunting and Fishing. The museum itself introduces young and old to the worlds of hunting and fishing.
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